Why choose Stealth?

The designs and range of Stealth Kayaks has been developed over a long period of time under the expert guidance of Brett and Bruce Challenor.

Bruce’s extensive knowledge of boat building and fiberglass work has extended for over 45 years. He is proficient in computer design and operation of the CNC machine. His passion for boat building began when he was very young. At only 13 years old Bruce built his first surfboard which led him on his journey into boat building.

Brett is the paddler and the ex Springbok racer as well as the “feel” on the water. Brett was involved in surf lifesaving and has spent hours in the water from as young as 8 years old. He has competed actively for South Africa for 8 years as well as locally for his hometown club of Durban Surf for almost 30 years. His understanding and respect for the power of the sea and Mother Nature goes a long way into making sure the kayaks are built as strong as possible but still light and manageable. He fishes and has fished at every opportunity even going as far back as 1998.

The design team of Stealth is actively involved in every process of the kayak from design to build. The Stealth Kayaks have evolved from the first simple “rescue ski” type kayaks to the ultra high performance Pro Fisha’s of today.

Originally everything was hand shaped and developed but for many years now the range has been designed using the latest CAD designs and cut using CNC technology. Everything is done in house to make sure we continuously evolve and improve wherever we can.

Our manufacture process has been developed over many, many years and almost every component in our production is either press molded or resin infused under vacuum; giving you piece of mind that the kayak is made with the ideal resin to fiberglass weight ratios and at maximum strength without sacrificing any materials.

It is impossible to have one model fishing kayak or one ski that will suit everyone. Every kayak has something that the other does not. The Stealth Kayaks have many different features and in some cases are very specific to certain models as well. It is important to make sure that you are suited as best as possible to your chosen kayak. It really is easy to try and compare different models of kayaks and brands but every kayak has its advantages in different conditions or in different areas.

With Stealth you have the pleasure of knowing that our range of kayaks are used actively all over the world in all different types of conditions and weather, making us the leaders in our market place.

Not only in design, development and manufacture but also in actively expanding to many new areas and understanding the continuous desire to keep on improving. With the skills and understanding of the team we are confident that we continue to design and build possibly the world’s best fiberglass fishing kayaks.

Please take the time to go through the range of our kayaks which hopefully can help you decide on YOUR best possible kayak. Remember that with a simple click you can send us any questions you have so that we can help you choose the best model and undoubtedly one of the WORLDS’s finest fiberglass fishing kayaks.