Stealth Tribe Questions for Magazine

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Tell us some basic facts about yourself like:
- Where you live
- Your profession
- Your age
We need some basic facts to build our presentation around. The more you add, the better it gets.

Tell us about your fishing: Where do you fish the most (general area) and what fish are your favourite to target.

(We don't need fishing spots but more where in the world you fish like off the coast of Norway or North Durban etc. This will also go under the “presentation piece”). This is to show that the #stealthtribe is present in large parts of the world.

Are you a live bait or dead bait fishing kind of guy or do you prefer artificial lures? What technique is your favourite? Does it vary depending on the seasonal changes and targeted species.

What lures are your favourites for:

A: trolling
B: jigging
C: casting?

What kayak do you use and how have you come to realize that it suits your fishing style?

What key features makes that kayak the best according to you. Who would you recommend it to and for what type of fishing?

Run us through your usual tackle setup, what you bring and why or what for ?

e.g. two trolling rods, a sabiki rod and a jigging rod or whatever you prefer some key setups with little info on why and how it makes you kayak fishing easier or better. This part is basically “your” take on how to be efficient on the water, ready for most situations.

What accessories would you never leave home without?

Do you use electronics, which one and how do you use it?

Is it to find structures, schools of fish, single out targeted species or do you mark spots where you caught fish before? Do you consider it a key component of your fishing? How have you got it mounted?

Fishing from a kayak is often a choice you have made.

Can you tell us a little about what turned you onto kayak fishing. Was it the challenge of doing things on nature’s own terms, sort of evening the scores a little, was it to get a bigger kick from fighting fish or maybe because you wanted to combine fitness, paddling and fishing?

Tell us about your achievements in kayak fishing and please try not to be humble:)

This will be written in a third person perspective so this section will be TOLD about you and not come across as something you have written about yourself. We need things like biggest fishes caught from a kayak, competition results, crazy shit that has happened like you being stuck out in storms or giant unstoppable fish you hooked and lost etc. The more the better! Please brag:)

How do you think kayak fishing will evolve over the next five years?

Can you tell us about your dreams

Where would you like to go to fish in the world. What is your ultimate dream fish to catch? Do you have remote destinations in your mind where you would like to kayak fish etc? Dream freely. Do you see a milestone you would like to reach with your kayak fishing?

What could you tell beginning kayak angler or to a person that may think that a Stealth Kayak is not for them?

People think they are unstable to fish from, uncomfortable or that they won't be able to handle them. People also seem to think that Stealth Kayaks are just for very fit people.

Tell a few words about your ultimate fishing companion

If you fish with a special buddy or crew. Tell us a little about them. Give them a shutout!

Have you got any kayak angler you look up to and if so why?

Can you tell us something most other anglers don’t know about you?

Things like fearing sharks, can’t swim, anything...

How can other anglers follow your adventures?

Have you got any social media accounts?

Instagram account, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, blog or anything else you want to let us know about?

Upload some of you fishing photos: