Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

The Stealth Stand Up Paddle Board “SUP” is a family friendly entry level SUP board.

The board is made using the same process as our kayaks and is vacuum molded fiberglass. Made in two piece the board is a hollow type construction and not a solid foam board as with the high end SUP’s. This allows us to make it cost effective and economical for the entry level paddler and family’s.

The board itself is a simple shape with plenty of stability and a manageable weight.

Standard features of the Stand Up Paddle SUP:

  1. Single drain hole – these bungs are a simple screw in type and easy to open and close
  2. Carry Handle – positioned for easy carrying
  3. Textured deck – provides traction for your feet
  4. Tri Fin – the Stealth SUP is fitted with 3 standard fiberglass fins
  5. Leash plug – standard surfboard leach plug, fits all lengths of leash


Best Feature: Surf Ability & Stability

Conditions: Freshwater and Open Ocean

Length: 3.25m

Width: 0.84m

Weight: 12.5kg

Max Angler Weight: 140kg

Capacity: 200kg

Stability: 10/10

Speed: 10/10

Glide: 6/10

Manoeuvrability: 6/10

Surf Ability: 10/10

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