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The PowerFisha 14 is a one man craft designed to be used as an SUP, a paddle powered kayak or outboard powered craft. The PowerFisha 14 is light weight, versatile and an all found fantastically fun craft for all ages.

Additional features that can be added to the PowerFisha at an additional fee include:

  • Rod Holder
  • Centre Seat with Cushion
  • Centre Extra Hatch System Under the Seat
  • Vinyl Striping and Sticker Kits
  • Surf Board Grip EVA Deck System
  • Underfloor Conjugate for Fish Finder Wiring

Standard features of the PowerFisha 14:

  1. Moulded Front carry handle
  2. Stainless steel bow eye(under skiff on front)
  3. Front hatch with splash strip hinge and shock cord straps.
  4. Front rod holders with plastic saddle
  5. Left and right braided rope down the gunnels for safety and easy to hold
  6. Velcro loop on gunnels to secure a paddle
  7. Black EVA basic deck grip and pattern
  8. Centre seat with under floor hatch
  9. Transom for easy engine mount.
  10. Rear rod holders with plastic saddles
  11. Rear stainless steel grab bar
  12. Vinyl decals and branding
  13. Rear drain plugs

Best Feature: Speed, Stability & Performance

Conditions: Freshwater and Open Ocean

Length: 4.27m / 14ft

Width: 1.09m / 43 inch

Weight: 44kg / 97 lbs

Max Angler Weight: 165kg / 364 lbs

Capacity: 450g / 992 lbs

Stability: 10/10

Speed: 10/10

Glide: 5/10

Maneuverability: 5/10

Surf Ability: 5/10

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