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Deluxe Rod Leash

These deluxe rod leashes are the ultimate rod leashes designed and made by ourselves.After years of fishing with basic and often irritating rod leashes we designed these coiled leashes to make using a rod with a leash simple and easy.A very secure two tier velcro system which attaches above and below the real seat as well as the eyelet on the top of the leash to secure your trace or hooks onto.This keeps the hooks and jigs away from the actual reel or rod butt and of course easy to attach and undo.The extra strength coiled leash is attached so as to constantly avoid a tangle while using the reel or winding in.The coil stretches alot either to 2m or 3m depending on the type you chose.This means that there is never any reason to unclip your rod as the stretch allows the rod to be moved around the kayak all over and with ease.A must for every serious kayak fisherman.

Available in either a 2m rod leash or a 3m rod leash.